-Request reviews on 100+ sites 
-Capture NPS®, feedback, reviews, and surveys 
-Branded emails and SMS review requests 
-TextBack, the industry’s first inbound SMS solution 
-Monitor reviews on 50+ sites and Google Q&A 


-Manage by brand, region, state, and location 
-Reply to customer feedback and reviews
-Full Reporting Suite
-Insights AI powered by IBM Watson®
-Robust customer profiles
-Tagging, themes, and trends


-Review widget display of your reputation and ratings
-Brand, location, and service review widgets 
-Social media image creation and posting
-Local SEO and Google My Business optimization
-Reputation powered conversion tools

Rebranding & Name Changes
Rebranding & Name Changes

How To Rebrand And Change Your Company's Name In 2021.  2020 has taught us that change is ever-present in both life and business. 

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5 Reasons Customer Feedback is Amazing
5 Reasons Customer Feedback is Amazing

Getting inside the consumer’s head has always been the goal of marketing. More than a few strategies and technologies exist to make this happen, many focused on customer feedback.

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Why Customer Feedback is your Competitive Advantage
Why Customer Feedback is your Competitive Advantage

Issues that look glaringly obvious to a customer are often invisible to employees. The best businesses are able to find and solve these issues quickly. Their secret: customer feedback.

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