Lumenok is an iconic brand pioneering the lighted nock category within the archery industry. As the archery industry grew the number of makes and models of arrows continued to increase. In order to keep pace with the ever changing environment Lumenok continued to evolve and manufacture nocks to fit virtually every arrow made. However, this growth created a new set of challenges in the digital space.

Improved Web Experience

As consumer expectations changed Lumenok's website soon became outdated and user experience declined. The Challenge was to develop a comprehensive website that would be intuitive for the customer to select the specific nock size and type for their particular bow. This effort was for either traditional vertical or crossbow hunters. In addition we implemented our reputation management platform to promote the brand along with gathering feedback to provide us real time insights insuring the customer's shopping experience was a pleasant one. 

Streamlining the Customer experience

In order to make the Ecommerce experience as engaging as possible a "Nock Selector" product selection tool was integrated within their website. The tool had to be simplistic enough for anyone to use but comprehensive enough to allow any customer to arrive at the specific nock that would fit their bow with just a few clicks.

Integrated Review platform

Using our own review platform and email reminder system, we we were able to consistently capture reviews from satisfied customers. This robust system can then display reviews across the websites pages, products, and the brand's web presence. The new website and integrated nock selector was a huge success. We saw an immediate increase in sales and conversions. In addition our customer satisfaction rate went through the roof as we now have over a thousand reviews from happy customers that arrived at the correct product they needed quickly. 

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